Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Rocked The Minnesota Blogger Conference

Hello Internet People!

Miss Harper Moo here.

My Mama took me to the Minnesota Blogger Conference again this year. (I say again because we went last year too only I was in her tummy.)

IT WAS AWESOME. There were so many people there to adore me that I can't even name them all. My Mama wanted to take pictures of me with all of them but I kept her a little *ahem* busy. I was a really good girl though! Just ask anybody.

My Mama blogged about everything on her blog so I'm just going to show you pictures. If you have pictures of me that I don't know about, can you PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP email me and tell me? My email address is missharpermoo at gmail dot com.

Beth took this pic of me and my Mama. Isn't it nice?
Here I am playing with my new friend J (Toys In The Dryer - Lynsi's son)
Having lunch with my new friend and his Mama.
Making friends with Paul. I think he loved me a little.
Snuggling with Marta
 Snuggling with my BFF Missy just like I always do when I see her.

Ok, so you guys? The most AMAZING THING EVER HAPPENED. Mandy from Glimpses of Soul Photography was doing pretty pictures at the event she asked if she could take mine too. OHMYGOSH PEOPLE. She made me so pretty!!!


I look like a supermodel...except chubbier.

I had so so so much fun that I'm sad I don't get to go back next year. Mama says I will  be too big.

(I wonder how old do I have to be before I get to come back again???)

I will miss all of you guys!!

That's all for now.





  1. (Pulls over soapbox) As a blogger, Miss Harper Moo is entitled to attend the convention just like the the other bloggers. Thank you.

    Side note: I may be just a little jealous as I did not get to hold and love on Miss Harper. Darnit! ; )

  2. Miss Harper Moo you are just too cute!

  3. You are a beautiful little girl!! I saw you for just a little while and told your mom that you were being SUCH a good girl!!!! The pictures above are amazing!!!

  4. Harper-
    It was so nice getting to know you this past weekend. Thanks for the chat over lunch. You are one cute girl!
    Lindsi's son