Friday, August 12, 2011

I Am Trying New Things

Hello Internet People.

Miss Harper Moo here.

Mama and Daddy and Miss Trina say it's time for me to try some new things. So I am.

The other day I tried this green stuff called avocado. I won't show you a picture of the FIRST time I tried that stuff because I got all gaggy and might have embarassed myself. Not saying I did...just saying I might have. Anyway. *ahem*

This was my second time I tried it and it went much better.

Next thing I tried was oatmeal. Mama mixed it up with some of her mama milk and boy was that ever NOMMY. Fun to eat and after a while Mama just dipped the spoon in and handed it to me because I wanted to hold that spoon SO BAD. I CAN DO IT MYSELF MAMA!!

Speaking of Mama, I said her name her last night and she got all sorts of excited. I have no idea why. It's her name isn't it? Grownups are weird.

Before I go, will you please pray for my Papa again? He's back in the hospital. I think he's ok but his heart thingy was acting funny so Grandma took him in to see the doctor. I'm sure glad those doctors and my Grandma keep a close watch on my Papa!

Please pray for my Mama too. She is not feeling as sad but seems worried and anxious a lot. I give her lots of smiles and that seems to help. She was all worked up last night about when people say dumb stuff on the TV.  I guess some lady on the TV was saying that Mama feeding me in public was like going on the potty in front of everybody? And saying that someone should cover up my head when I'm eating? (You try eating under a blanket lady!) I think that stuff they said on that show was just plain STUPID. Babies gotta eat right??? Like I said...grownups are weird. You can read about that TV lady on my Mama's blog if you want.

And for the record, Mama feeds me my mama milk (we call it nuns around here) all the time when we are not at home. Having a mama with nuns on tap all the time is super awesome. I feel sad for that TV lady. Her mama probably didn't give her any nuns when she was a baby and that's why she's crabby about it.

That's all for now.




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