Monday, April 4, 2011

Miss Katrina

Attention Internet People!

Miss Harper Moo here. So I totally have to tell you about this weird day that I had. Mama and Daddy woke me up really early. Like REALLY early. (Too early if you ask me.) They got me dressed and Mama gave me milks like she always does. Then we went outside for a little walk. It only lasted a minute though. (Lame walk if you ask me.)Then I met this lady named Katrina at a place called daycare. There were a bunch of little kids running around and my big brother Jamie was there too. He was very excited to see me. Obviously. (I am awesome after all.)

Mama and Daddy told me they were going to leave me there with my brother. I didn't really mind though. I'm pretty laid back that way.

I hung out and accepted the adoration of all of the little people. They were very excited to see me but why wouldn't they be? I was the life of the party. I took a couple of naps and hung out in a swing and a bouncy seat. I talked and cooed at the Trina lady (that's what the other kids call her). Trina tried to feed me milks out of one of those yucky bottle things a couple of times but I was SO NOT INTERESTED. Ewww. I'll wait and get my milks from Mama thankyouverymuch.

After awhile, Mama and Daddy and my sister Katy came and got me and took me back home. I was pretty happy to see them...especially Mama. I was H-U-N-G-R-Y.

 Here I am after I got home and had some milks.

Now I'm hanging out with Mama, having some more milks.

I'm told I'll be spending a lot of time with this Trina lady while my Mama goes to some work thing. She needs to do that so that she can buy me pretty clothes and stuffs.

I guess it will be ok. 




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  1. Your first day at daycare? Congrats on being grown up enough to go! How did mommy handle it? Did she cry? Hope you continue to have fun at daycare!