Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today Was A Good Day

Attention Internet People!

Miss Harper Moo here. I had a busy day and just now got a chance to sit down and write.

Today I went to daycare and got to spend a lot of time outside in the nice weather. I just love being outside in the sunshine. I also had lots of nice talks with Trina Lady. She sure likes me but how could she not?

Mama and Daddy came and got me after awhile. Then we went home and spent some time outside visiting with my nice neighbor ladies named Maggie and Tanya with their girls Justine and Abby. (My brother really likes Abby I think-even though she is a slightly older woman. Rawr Jamie!) After that we went inside had supper. Then I played with Mama for awhile on the couch.

After I played "Try To Put My Toes In Mama's Mouth" for awhile, I chilled with Daddy for a bit. Had to get my FrontierVille in after all!

Now I'm going to have some milks and settle in for the night. I was busy today and it made me tired!

Good night all!




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  1. Ummm . . .

    The potential for reader death is very high.

    Death by cuteness overload.